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Bourzougas P.Georgios

From the beginning of our foundation (1978) we are active in import, trade & service of welding materials and metal cutter,  Such as:

  • Welding wire in loops
  • Electrodes
  • Inverter machines and welding automatisms
  • Gas manometers (bottles) normal and high pressure type
  • Cutters-nozzles & simple or CNC for oxygen cutting pantographs
  • Lamps(with star) for welding
  • Gas rubbers (single and double)
  • Security valves for rubbers and barrels (for manometers)
  • All types of gas bottles
  • Welding protective masks
  • Security signs in workplaces
  • Earthing cables and consumables
  • Torches electrode
  • Torches Mig – Mag simple and water cooled
  • Torches Τig, all types plasma
  • Spare parts
  • Torches Coal cutter – Arcair
  • Spray and welding fluids
  • Welding cleaning pastes
  • Sharpen stones – hand cutter discs for Sharpen and cutting
  • Ripsaws
  • Iron discs (Yakon) Indian
  • Wire ropes (champagnes )
  • Electro tools Milwaukee, Bosch, Makita
  • Protective items for workers, clothes-accessories
  • Advertising items & professional gifts

Year by year we understand your interest for cooperation, your kindly attitude for our effort and we saw our visions to take form. Dynamic course brought today Bourzougas Company to have evolved to one of the biggest import and trade companies, with a wide range of welding materials, metal cutting and offer to the market a variety of materials.


International award 2008

  • A big range of product with very good relationship between quality-price
  • Big storage supplies that satisfies immediately the majority of orders
  • Very quick delivery, almost all our deliveries are executed in 24hours,in order to offer our clients big flexibility
  • Low cost which is achieved not only from our good prices but also from our product certification-from our general infrastructure plus many direct and indirect services that we offer
  • Complete technical assistance with quick and responsible service,spare parts and technical guidance
  • Trading policy and philosophy with respect to our partner and to the coompetitive rules
  • Quality in all of our business sectors which its ensures high degree of reliability, consistency,trust as also and a feeling of security, necessary to every transaction

Our Partnerships

At 2007 the company started an upward course building one significant cooperation with the following companies: Fronius (Νο1 Company with welding products and automations. All of Fronius products have 4 years guarantee). With the American company Thermadyne specialized in plasma & welding machines, Thermal Dynamics & Thermal Arc specializing in these products for many years. American-Germany Company Milwaukee with electro tools.

With you since 1978

Thank you for your confidence in us all these years …

We are with you