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CNC Machine Pro GLADIATOR 3050

CNC cutting table SPARTUS Pro GLADIATOR 3050 with a working surface 1550 x 3050mm is designed for small and medium-sized enterprises. Provides the possibility of fully automatic and precise cutting steel sheets and plates with plasma torches. High performance and best cutting quality can be reach thanks to use of modern technologies.
Reliability and strength of the cutting table are the result of used construction and technological solutions.

Standard equipment:
• Drive – stepper motors (optional hybrid servo motor)
• Precise drive transfer: X,Y axis – toothed rack, Z-axis – ball screw
• Traction system based on roll trolleys (non-lubricated)
• Aluminum water tank equipped with pump and valve system
• THC control system – torch height control
• Inductive Sensor
• Basing
• Limit sensors
• Computer with software

Additional equipment:
• Retention tank

SPARTUS Pro GLADIATOR 3050 CNC table is sold complete with SPARTUS Pro plasma cutting machine and plasma torch. Depending on the selected package: SPARTUS Pro CUT 65CNC with SP80M or SPARTUS Pro CUT 105CNC with SP100M.

Driving method a stepping motor
Method of drive transmission toothed rack / ball screw
Working surface [mm] 1550 × 3050
Load limit [kg] 600
Aluminum water tank tak
Max. cutting thickness / punching [mm] depending on the source used
Control 3-axis CNC controller
THC control system tak
Inductive sensor tak
Limit sensors tak