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Leader in prestige quality

Wide range of products

with very good quality - price ...

Immediate Services

Our orders are delivered within 24 hours ...

Authorized Service.

for all types of Torches mig-mag, tig, plasma, Welding machines, tools, pantographs ...

Οur company

The companies Bourzougas P.Georgios and Bourzougas P.Georgios and partners are active in import – export, trade and service of welding and metal cutting materials for 33 years. You will find full range of the following products:

International award «Leader in prestige quality»- March 2008

They choose us because:

  • We take care of you before you do!
  • There is a wide variety of products with very good relationship of quality – price
  • We have big storage supplies and we can serve immediately the majority of orders
  • We have immediate delivery, almost all of our orders are executed in 24 hours. So we offer to our clients big flexibility!
  • We have service for all types of machines – tools etc
  • Welding techniques & metal cutting, protection materials for workers, clothes, advertising items